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rifle and a sling

How to Thread a Rifle Sling?

Whether you love game hunting, or love guns for your security, ensuring your safety is the top priority. A sling holds your gun in position at all points, hence avoiding hurting yourself or someone close to you.


  • Sling body
  • Strap
  • Two portable attachment cords (long and short attachment cords)
  • Tri-glide
  • Forehead attachment assembly

Step 1

Start by placing the sling on a surface, preferably a flat surface. Ensure that the short strap is on your left-hand side and the rough side facing your direction. The D string on the gun should be facing your right-hand side.

Step 2

Put the long strap on the right-hand side. Ensure that the smooth side is facing your direction and the Hook end facing away from you. The hook end is marked as “Hook End” in most shovels or Feed End in some. Look out for these two terms to ensure that you mount them correctly.

Step 3

Put the smooth strap through the D-ring of the riffle. The D-ring is the metal ring shape with a circular shape in the riffle. In most cases, the D-ring is indicated on the riffle. While running the strap through the D-ring, ensure that the smooth side is facing your right-hand side. Pull the strap through the D-ring until the D-ring is encompassed between the ninth and the tenth holes to the left of the Hooks end.

Step 4

Mount the first steeper into the Feed end. Ensure that the keeper is facing away from you. The first keeper is the lower keeper. After inserting the first keeper, insert the second one onto the opposite side of the fore-end. Ensure the keeper is facing away from you. The second keeper is the upper keeper.

With both keepers inserted, run the feed end through the muzzle of the swivel loop. The swizzle is the butt side of your shuffle. The long strap should be connected to the Feed end at the end of this step. When finished, the rough side should touch the second keeper from the previous step. After this, slowly move the Feed end of your strap towards the hook. The hook should be on the fifth pair of the Feed end holes.

Slowly, slide your upper keeper (from the previous step) towards your hook until the hook is on the fifth hole of your End Holes. Continue sliding your upper keeper until it stops.

Step 5

The final step is threading the strap through the riffle. Before taking this step, ensure that the rivets are peened down to ensure that they hold the Hook firmly to the sling. This step is important as it determines the safety of your gun. Slide the hook of your short strap through the swivel loop of the riffle’s butt. Does this while facing the muzzle side of your swivel? Tie the loop of your strap to ensure that the rough sides touch each other. This implies that the rough side of the strap touches the rough side of the loop. Ensure that the hook is tied to the seventh hole from the Hook End. At the end of this step, the body of the Hook should be facing away from the stock of the gun.

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