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About Us

Cohen TalleyMy name is Cohen Talley, I am 32 years old and I live in Newcastle, Wyoming. I am an engineer which I learned through traditional college degree and for my full-time job I work on a car service company for over 7 years and it’s still counting.

I got introduced to the world of hunting and survival from my father Jeremy Talley as a gift for my 21st birthday when I received my first scout rifle and first opportunity to go hunting trip with my father and his older brother.

Ever since that day I have been a normal or regular type of guy with a loving family, a great dog and favorite and a steady job but as soon as it’s hunting time of the year I will go with my hunting dog to let out my hunter within me to experience human’s primal factor.

For me hunting is not a sport but it’s the way of establishing human’s position in the food cycle. Just because your eating at restaurant or buying meat does not mean your not a hunter because you are a polite hunter where you’re paying some else because they have hunted it for you.

We all do this but I hunt couple of times a year because to keep in touch and honor for our early human race where food does not come easy and you need to defend and hunt.

Don’t treat hunting as a game or fun but treat it with honor and respect so the future generation can still know how to hunt and why it’s important. Let me finish this small introduction about me with one my favorite quote.